Sunday, November 7, 2010

'Twas the night before Christmas


Tonight was the night. Last year, this was me...drunk as a skunk.

Totally kidding. Since I had been contracting for 4 days, I was in a cooky mood and figure this would be a pretty silly pic (it was A.K.'s friends). After La Pa (surprise, surprise), Mom and A.K. wanted to take me to Marshall's (I wanted a Juicy Couture purse) but I just wasn't feeling totally up to it so Daddy took me home and I walked in circles for 3 hours while he laid thresholds. I was timing what I thought were contractions (I was right) and they seemed erratic so I didn't say anything to Dad. Since I knew something was up, before I went up to bed, I told him to kiss the belly goodbye (remember that big belly picture?). 
I never made it to bed. 
I went to the bathroom and lo and behold, I had lost my mucus plug (sorry if that's TMI buddy). Since I was 38 weeks along (turns out just at 37), I called the Dr. and it was my favorite one in the group. She told me to just go to the hospital. Since all of our friends were sent home with false labor and I was in no pain, we just grabbed our bag and left. Had I know an hour later I would be admitted, I totally would have spruced up. 
I titled this letter perfectly. Your birth was like Christmas! The best present I have ever received.


This was me on 10/30/2009 then us today

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