Friday, December 31, 2010

11 in 11

11 things we are going to watch you experience in 2011

11. preschool
10. walk up and down the stairs
9. big boy bed
8. your first haircut
7. attempting the big P (potty)
6. running (you pretty much run now but I mean like full-fledged taking off)
5. throwing and catching a ball (you have started throwing, yeah!)
4. trips to NJ and NY (teaching you to say GO YANKEES) and Florida again (Ryan's getting married!)
3. your first sentence(s)
2. coloring!
1. brushing your own teeth and picking out and putting on your clothes 

Just a minuscule fraction of the milestones this year will bring. So excited! This year was filled with amazing growth and change. Mommy met her best friend, you went from preemie clothes to walking in 12 month clothes, Daddy and I found a wonderful new place of worship, we took you on your first four plane rides to see Great Pappy in California, you visited the beach in Florida. It is hard to believe it all happened and we made it out alive! 

Love you,

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  1. totally stealing this blog idea so look for it soon on mine.. lol.. such a great post!! As always, I love your blog.