Saturday, December 25, 2010

White Christmas


What a showcase of blessings! Today we were blessed with the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, family, and amazingly, snow. The day began at 6:40. That's when you woke up. I think it is a preview for the years to come. After cuddling in bed with Mommy Daddy until 8:00, you two woke me up and we headed down stairs. 
You noticed your present immediately and we stoked. Ran right to it and played in it (big playhouse btw). We opened our stocking stuffers (puzzles) then to open presents (instrument set). Then we headed to the Spinner's (in pajamas of course). 

Have I mentioned you like to eat paper?

 Out of the blue, Pop said, "Jen, look outside." SNOW! The first snow on Christmas in 17 years in Marietta and you get in on your second Christmas! You weren't into unwrapping, you liked pulling the paper out of the bags and eating it (with Sicily, your partner in crime). Before heading to Memaw and Grandaddy's, we let you "play in the snow.

We couldn't stop laughing!

Great time and the Turner's. Presents, cousins, toys, you loved it. Now you LOVED the wrapping paper and their house. You kept playing in it and playing peek-a-boo with Todd using it. When you fell backward and couldn't get up, Todd and Memaw said they heard you say clear as day, "help me." Wow! Then when Aunt Tabby came over, you said, "Tabby." Crazy.

So with all said and pretty much done, I think we got 2 inches of snow! Cool! It was a wonderful day and even though Dad and I are super pooped, we put together ALL of your wonderful gifts tonight, including your treehouse and fire truck. Here are some pictures from last year. Even though I knew you were going to grow up, it is amazing how fast it is going by!

Love you,

p.s. I am finally down to only a few nicknames: Babaloo, Peanut, and Mas :)

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