Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Long time no see

Baby Boo,
Whoa! Since the snow-a-poloza 4-day we have been busy bees! So much to update!

So the snow was rough in our neighborhood. Thankfully on the second night, the three of us went out to the Curry's to have a house-happy party. Benjamin (20 months), Grayson (4 months), and you (14.5 months) were a hoot. Grayson just watched as Benjamin would grab you by the hand and take you all over the house. Mrs. Charity kept saying, "sorry" and I kept reminding her not to worry. You loved getting into things being with Benjamin! There were a couple times when you grab Benjamin and yell, "ahhhr." One time Daddy heard it, went into the playroom and Ben was lying on the floor. Hmmmm...Anyway, happy to report the Ben taught you something. You now grab hands (or garments) and drag people around (Mr. Steven at Daddy's work).
Speaking of Daddy's work, you two stopped in yesterday and he put you to work!

You love you bulldog slippers! I am so happy I found a pair in your size (most babies with a size 3.5 shoe can't walk). 
Still addicted to your two Baby Einstein movies.
Funny story about the stupid snow. Since our neighborhood was so bad and both Pop and Gram got stuck trying to rescue us from our cabin fever, we had a lot of Mommy Mason time. On Day 4, we needed a change of scenery. So your crazy Grandma came up with an escape plan. We walked. I put you in the stroller and pushed you through the ice where we met Grandma and walked to the front of the neighborhood where she parked. As you can imagine, we spent the night at Gram and Pop's. Snow is great....for 1 day!
I haven't taken many pictures lately but here are a few:

I really wish I could say you look like me and I do think you have my eyes, nose, and forehead.

You greatly enjoy taking my glasses off and trying to put them on

You are consistently sleeping at night. Even putting yourself to sleep when you don't want to. Thank you.
You also consistently amaze me. You are so smart. Even though you have been doing certain things for a while (pulling out toys you want, stepping out of clothes, pulling your shirt off, putting your hands up with I say, "upy goes" to take your shirt off, etc), every time you do them I am reminded how blessed I am to have such an intelligent little dude. It took you one play time to learn how to play the triangle. The first time you weren't able to hold both and hit the triangle. The next time you played with it, Daddy said you got it immediately. Of course, I got to see you play today.

You are out of 6-9 months clothes and wearing size 12m clothes (which really means 9-12mo.). We have tried 12-18 and the waist, length, and shirts are just too big still. Right now Target (circo and cherokee), Wal-Mart (jumping bean), and Polo 12 month fit the best.

Love you, Peanut,

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  1. he looks like a little professor! See you tomorrow!