Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Can you imagine it?


Can you imagine the perfect place for a toddler? Mess? No problem. They clean it. You like balls, trains, water, and moon sand? They have it. Is the kid a wanderer? Plenty of kid-friendly carpet. We went to that place today along with Jakson and Wyatt (and a super cute surprise guest); Imagine It! Children's Museum. 
From balls falling from the sky to plastic rakes and wooden train tables, to playing with Ben Affleck's kid in moon sand, we did it all.


double yum....I mean, you loved the moon sand...
I loved watching you play with that weird stuff. You were digging in it and really playing with it. That gets me very excited about the beach this summer (and again in November). 
After moon sand, you played Picasso then we headed to the water area, dress up, and back to your favorite...moon sand. 
see it on my lips? nope, it wasn't edible.
all by yourself

We ended the day with lunch at Chick-fil-a then some tummy time at home (yup, no nap).

Great times with great friends. Can you imagine it?

Love you,

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