Sunday, February 6, 2011

Holy Moley


Fun. It's our family motto I think. Today we had just that, we began the morning with a play date with a new friend

After brushing our teeth, 

we spent the day goofing off. You were extra cuddly today because your back molar has broken through! I could tell it was bothering you too. I can't believe you still have more molars to cut. Holy moley!

This evening, Chris, Alex, and both sets of your grandparents came over to watch the superbowl. We definitely need to have people over more often. You loved hanging with the guys (doing your ninja moves), grabbing chips and dip, and playing with both of your grandmas.

Earlier this week, we hung out with Mrs. Lisa and Haven. You two had a great time tearing up playing in the cabinet. Haven kept walking up to you and giving you big hugs and you didn't mind at all. In fact, you walked up to him a couple times to do the same. Mrs. Lisa said, "wow, he really is a talker!" Yup, always jibber jabbering away.


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  1. So cute!!!!! I love that he took the tub of cookies down the slide with him! He is adorable!