Friday, February 4, 2011

Lil' Scrappy

No...the REAL Lil' Scrappy

Because A.K. is an intern at Kennesaw State University's Owl Radio and has worked very hard, she now has her own radio show once a week. After your first visit to the station, everyone fell in love with you and they wanted you to be there mascot. Crafty Grandma whipped up an owl costume and voila! Now you walk around saying, "owl" and "hoot hoot." KSU's mascot is named Scrappy so we "dubbed" you Lil' Scrappy. When you are on-air (which you have been), you are DJ M Dub. While at he station, I heard you say, "owl" and "Cata (Carter)" for the first time. Go Owls!


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