Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby please don't run away


It always cracks me up when the song stuck in my head makes a perfect title to a letter. Anyway, you have been just off and running lately; body and mouth. Tonight for the first time, you said, "oh no" and "dear God (dea ga)" Thank you Grandma for the latter phrase. I swear your repeating is out of control!
Grandma and I went to a meeting with your new model agency and we are taking pictures for your comp. cards tomorrow with A.J. Play date and pictures all in one. We haven't played with them in a while and I am really excited to hang out for a couple hours. You are also going to have a mini play date with Kamryn tomorrow then maybe with Jakson at his brother Henry's baby shower. Good times!
Speaking of pictures, I took some on Tuesday that I wanted to share! Some are blurry :( I am quickly learning I should have just bite the bullet and gotten a DSLR. Maybe for my 25th birthday.....

After your appointment with the ENT on Thursday, we learned you have a lot of negative pressure and a significant amount of fluid retention in your ears. Hence all the ear infections. We have schedule surgery to implant tubes for April 15th. I am nervous but trying not to think about it. I know it will help you significantly.
Looking forward to our weekend together!


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