Friday, April 15, 2011

bilateral myringotomy with tubes


This morning was your bilateral myringotomy with tubes surgery. Dr. Vick placed tubes through both ear drums to help eliminate ear infections and the use of oral antibiotics (which cause you diarrhea and severe diaper rash). 
We left the house this morning a little after 7:00 and head to Paulding Hospital. After we check-ed in, nurse Jackie got your stats and attached that thing to your foot to check your vitals (can't remember what it's called). 
We then spoke with the anesthesiologist and he went over the standard and easy procedure of "going down." Daddy and I were a little concerned as Dad had a reaction to anesthesia once when he was young. He assured us and he sent in the doctor who informed us that you were the next baby. Super Why was on so you didn't have a problem waiting. 

A surgical tech. who looked like Ms. Muffet came and after you voluntarily went to her, took you for the surgery. I am not going to lie. Even though I knew we were doing a great thing for you, it was KILLING me that I didn't have control over the situation. Thankfully, God did.
My handsome boy was delivered back to our room about 30 minutes later, a little groggy and wanting milk. The surgery went perfect. 

The nurse warned us (and so did the babies in the rooms next to us) you would come back from the anesthesia livid but honestly after you were just a little whiny and cuddly. Nothing crazy. about 10 minutes into the car ride, you turned back into our little Mason and other than a 2.5 hour nap (yeah!), have had a normal day. 
With these tubes, there is still a chance you can develop an ear infection. The positive part is that the way we will know is through gunk from your ear. With these, there is no guessing game. If you do get an infection, it is treated with special ear drops. NO MORE freakin' antibiotics! Not that he will read this but Dr. Vick, we are so grateful for your kindness. We will recommend you to all whose children are in need of ENT services. 

Love you, 

P.S. Leaving you with some pictures I took last Saturday at the Jolly/Stewart wedding!

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