Saturday, May 28, 2011

Really Somethin'

Sweet baby,

It is amazing how fast time is just flying by. Last night, we went to Taylor Reilly's graduation party and even though you aren't graduating until 2028, I remember when he was little and how much he has accomplished in what seems like such a short time. Scary to think that you aren't always going to be little!
Speaking of, everyone loved you last night. Seriously. Aunt Puff's pop kept saying, "he is really somethin'!" Exactly what my Pop would say. Eating, dancing, running away (good times), last night was so fun.
You LOVE water even more every day. You find it in all different places too and make sure we see the "ardy." Two and sometimes three word phrases are now used CONSTANTLY. I am trying to keep up with everything but between, "no no ma ma" and "ooo big" and "cookie peess" and "pirate," I am just so flabbergasted! Even with your receptive language you have grown exponentially. For a while you have been able to "dust it off" when you fall and you brush your hands together or on your shirt, you can bring me things, clean up (and you will until it's all finished), do laundry (which I hope you continue to LOVE), and more. While watching your movie the other day, Daddy kept looking at me and pointing at you. We are both SO surprised at how many animals you recognize and can say (can't wait to take you to the zoo!).
growing so fast!
oh my goodness
I am so great it kills me!
Got you some new kicks today from good ol' Stride Rite. 

Hoping they will help you with your balance. Check out these knees! You fall at least once a day and open the scab.
Your sickness is finally clearing up. After you rejected all medication including your antibiotic, we took you to CHOA and of course, you took the steroid medication the dr. gave you and your antibiotic. I also gave you a Feverall suppository (the things we do for our children), it is was fabulous! You still have a mucusy cough but it's not really phasing you.
You are now napping closer to 12:30 and sometimes we wait to put you down until after lunch. The other day we went to the pool around 12:45 and you played for a while before you gave in to the sleepiness. Just like last year, you totally conked out in the pool! But of course, not before you swam to me. No lie, you kicked and swam to me! Gotta love Grandma pushing you at swimming lessons!
Mason, you are really somethin'!

Love you Buddy!

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