Thursday, June 2, 2011

No, don't put it up your nose

Ever changing, always cute. Photo on the left 6/4/10. Photo on the right 6/2/11

Some things that make me laugh....that shouldn't:
Daddy yelling at you to not put spaghetti up your nose
you biting me and when I pull you off, you keep trying to bite me
hearing nothing....then a couple splashes...from the bathroom...

18th month check up yesterday
22 lbs. 8 ounces no clothes on
head 46 cm
30 3/4 in long
10th percentile all the way around
Left: 7/1/10 Right 6/1/11
We were able to bring dinner over to the Burfitt's house yesterday and met sweet baby Henry. He is SO wrinkly and so cute! You met your match in Jakson. You too were funny playing together. You still like to steal the toy he is playing with. Ms. Elizabeth and I want to get you boys together a lot this summer. Jaks can teach you how to throw with better accuracy and you can teach Jaks a couple words. Hopefully we can go on a double date soon with his mom and dad!

Today we hung out with Ms. Lisa and Haven. You really get a kick out of Haven. You laugh when he does something funny and love giving hugs. We are going to have so much fun playing at the pool with them this summer!

Gotta love this...

You love to "culey" i.e. color. You have made a few masterpieces lately. We still aren't sure what hand is predominant as you still switch between the two.

The freckles have finally appeared! As you know, your immediate family has some pretty serious freckledge goin' on. You have had one on the top of you head for a while but now you have on on your lower arm and back.

You found your build-a-bear and were reminded of how soft and cuddly he was! You loved petting him.
I am already enjoying loving on you all day and having you all to myself! Best summer yet and it'll keep getting better.


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