Monday, May 3, 2010

Spoiler Alert!


So Mommy and Daddy have spoiled you, to the core. I know everyone has their own opinion about how much is too much but I always want you to know you are loved and how I show that to you is by being with you as much as I can be. Kissing you, hugging you, or just having you on my hip. I won't leave you in the pack n play very long, in the morning, I like to come and get you when you wake up so I can see you before work, and at night, I like to sing and rock you to sleep. When you were first born, Daddy and I started using an incline to sleep positioner and we would put you on your side. You were and still are king of the spit up and I was afraid if you were on your back, that you might swallow it at night. So now, at almost 6 months, you have an addiction.
Yes. An addiction.
You will not sleep in your crib without it. We laid you on your belly for 2 nights and that was way too much freedom and you kept waking yourself up. We went back to using the positioner and all was fine until last night when we decided to see if you could sleep on your back. Nope. Then I rocked you back to sleep (I don't care to hear opinions on this) and laid you on your side without the positioner in the crib. You weren't having it. Rocked and pacifiered you for the third time, laid you in the positioner and voila! Now you know why I titled this post the way I did. I guess you will be 19 and using a positioner. LOL.
In your positioner at Grandma's house

Love Always,


  1. Oh I totally still rock Wyatt to sleep every chance I get. They grow up to fast!

  2. New to your site...What a sweet blog you have made for your little baby boy! : )