Monday, July 5, 2010

Baby's First 4th


I just got super mushy that I cried. I imagine you have come to learn, Mommy doesn't cry, ever. I was rocking you without your paci and you were just staring at me, touching my face. Then, I got to the Celine song. You fell asleep during the second verse. I can put my baby to sleep by singing. I am not the lovey dovey type. Don't get me wrong, I love love and I LOVE to cuddle but being able to put my beautiful son to sleep by singing is wonderful. I then proceeded to tell you how much I love and you how much I hope you always know how much I love you. I apologized for those times I get frustrated now, then, and those times to come. You are an amazing little boy. Perfect. I have wanted you my whole life. A little boy with blonde hair and blue eyes who would be fun and inquisitive. How blessed am I to receive just what I asked for? I am going to try my hardest to be the best mom I can be. You deserve it.

Anyway, we celebrated your first 4th of July yesterday. You were intrigued by the bubbles, poppers and the sparklers but you really enjoyed just chillin' outside with A.K. and I and touching the grass. Later in the evening, you watched the D.C. fireworks on television and you danced to '76 trombones. When I say danced, it is really wiggled like you were in the bouncy thing but on Grandma's knee. We learned yesterday that you don't like chicken. We found out last week you didn't like beef. Yeah, a vegan.

In other news, we can see white from the top right of your gums. I think you'll have a spike there soon. You also seem to not be into formula as much anymore, especially your 6 ounce around noon. You "rocky rocky" like crazy! You love being up on all fours but really haven't made the move yet. We are so excited you have been working on other milestones though. You mastered getting in and out of the seated position without face planting and you scoot all the time. You can say, "ba ba" now too. Lately, you have been putting your lips against your gums and smacking. You look like a 100 year old man with no teeth! You reach now, even to strangers. You can get sassy with it too. Grandma or Daddy (not really with A.K. or Pop) will put there arms out and you will cling to me and do your biting and shaking thing. After a few times, you extend to them. Yeah for Mommy love!

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  1. That is such a beautiful picture of Mason. His eyes are amazing! Such a doll!