Sunday, July 4, 2010

Let freedom forever fly


KCRG wiped you out this morning! We moved you to the big kids classroom and seems like you loved it. While you nap, I wanted to tell you about yesterday. Daddy, you, and I went to the Square Bagel then into the Marietta Square to hang out with the Curry's, their families, and my family and to watch fireworks. You were quite sleepy the whole evening but not fussy. More observant. The fireworks started about 9:30. You fell asleep on A.K. at 9:15. You slept through the whole thing! I popped a bottle in your mouth and changed your diaper...still asleep. You woke up about 10 minutes after the fireworks display and we hung out a little longer. We watched as your great grandmother danced for people watching a live band. That was a funny sight! Oh and guess what, you saw Jakson! He was out partying with his Mommy and Daddy late too. Today we are headed to Grammy and Pop's for a BBQ.

Love ya,

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