Friday, July 2, 2010



You scoot fast and with a purpose! It is so cool to watch your wheels spin. You have done it a couple times but this morning you picked up a ball with your feet then grabbed it. It was awesome! You did it twice. Then I grabbed the video camera, and you didn't do it and you got mad. I guess it's good I write to you or else you wouldn't know how great of a little boy you are since you are camcorder shy. 
You love the bottom of your exersaucer. You always crawl to it. You smile when Julie Clark's voice comes on your favorite video. It's like you know what show is about to come on. As always, when you start to leak out of every single brand of diapers, it is time to move up. We are movin' on to size 4 Luvs brand!
Mr. Wyatt came over to play today. You liked him and you showed him by continually touching his face and stealing his toys.


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