Sunday, August 1, 2010

Last Day of Summer


Today is the end of the best time of year for Mommy, summer. While the heat is unbearable, the company was not. So many milestone and first time experiences; I am so thankful I am given the opportunity to spend 2 whole months with you. 
In KCRG this morning you stood up on the rocking ottoman. Good job buddy! This morning, you played with Grace and you made me laugh. She was pushing you around in the Pooh car grandma got you and pretending you were going places. You two would pass me and you would look at me, squeal, then stare at me until she pushed you away. You looked like such a big boy and you were so happy! 
You look like a gangsta in this picture

You spent the latter half of the day with Memaw and Granddaddy while the Spinner family went to the trivia tournament. You had a GREAT time with them playing and going to church. 
Daddy and I just finished watching Marley and Me and it made me want to write about my favorite dog, Sicily. We are teaching you to call her 'dog' as that is what she really is. You two have a funny relationship. When you were little, she would constantly lick the crap out of you. Now she will still lick you but on her terms. If you walk over to her, she will growl but 2 seconds later, she will walk over to you and lick you. You love to grab her, her tail especially.
It has been wonderful spending days with you. I will miss you like crazy.

Love you forever,

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  1. What am I going to do during the day now?!?! haha