Saturday, August 7, 2010


Blurry but super cute. You love playing in closets, especially Grandma's


You just woke up so this will be short. For the past week, you have taken little 20 minute naps 3 times a day (ahh!). However, you have been sleeping straight through the night with no pacifier interventions. 

You continue to LOVE playing with shoes and paint cans.

You had a photo shoot this week. The first one I couldn't go to. Daddy and Grandma said you did a pretty good job. Hopefully next time, you won't be in a car seat (we all know how much you love those).

The reason for the title pterodactyl is for the mere reason you sound like one ALL the time. Sometimes annoying, sometimes cute, always crazy Mae Mae.

Love ya, 

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  1. that is a GREAT pic in the car seat!! I see big box picture all over that!!