Monday, August 9, 2010

Mr. Yogurt Bite


You would win the Mr. Yogurt Bite contest if there were one. You LOVE those things!

You are in all 6-9 month clothes. Retired all 3-6 month last week (ok so you still have some PJs...)

Today, you pulled up on the couch to see me then proceed to walk across the couch to get my phone. Then you began pushing the laundry basket around. I grabbed the video camera. You pushed the basket to the couch. I turn music on my phone on the couch. You moved from the basket to the couch, chased my phone to the other end of the couch, grabbed onto the coffee table, then moved to the coffee table. All without any effort and without falling! 

Then Daddy went upstairs and we followed. Since two days ago you climbed one step, half way up the stairs I decided to see if you could really climb. You can. 8 steps and even though you had an issue with the top step, you did it. A CLIMBER AND A WALKER! 

You are so excited lately. Laughing all the time and smiling. I LOVE how big your bottom teeth are now too. Today you got to visit me at school. Thanks Daddy!

The Momma

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