Sunday, August 8, 2010

9 months old


I was watching you today in Grandma and Pop's big jetted tub just sitting there playing with your toys. It seems like yesterday Daddy and I were giving you your first bath. You were SO tiny and we had to be so delicate.
This evening, you marked your 3/4 birthday by pushing your walker really fast all over the foyer. Normally, you take 3 steps then lightly fall on the ground. Tonight, you were bookin' it and only got caught underneath the walker once! I got it on video. You also can climb one step on the stairs and get both knees up on the fireplace.
We have come to learn that, "na na na" means, "I am frustrated" or "I am hungry." Toys mean nothing to you. You want those electronics (you love wires too)! Yesterday, you crawled over to them for the third time and I watched as you pulled up on the console, turned around, and SMILED! What a stinker! All this time, I thought you didn't understand our redirection. You are sneaky, sneaky.
Grandma, A.K., and I took you to Acworth Beach today. You ate quite a bit of sand, crunching and all (yuck!), you crawled around in the shallow water, but your favorite time was with A.K. Gram or I would hold you and you would splash like crazy, A.K. would laugh, then you would laugh hysterically and the pattern would repeat. I LOVE that you like the make us laugh!
Your hair has been growing like CRAZY lately. LOVE it! You turn one in 3 months...whoa!

Love you, Peanut,

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