Wednesday, September 8, 2010

10 months old

Happy birthday to my little peanut! We are in double digits now and only two more months until the big o-n-e. Here is what you are up to:
- working your way to two naps but it's rough!
- 4 teeth now! two bottom are BIG. one on the top is about half way down and the other just poked through the other day (tylenol to the rescue!).

-you put your lips under your gums (like an old man with no teeth) and make that popping noise with them. you can also put your tongue to the top of your mouth and make that clicking noise. you are a one man band!
- you truly NEVER stop talking
- you are a serious cruiser and take more risks each day
See what I mean?

- you understand right and wrong (at least with the fireplace and electronics) but don't care. stubborn, like Mommy.
- separation anxiety has begun. you hate it when I even leave the room (I am not going to lie, I like it)
- you say Mom all the time and sometimes blow bubbles when you say it (like A.K.)
- you do this weird thing on Nana (you chose it) and I's arm. you put your wide open mouth on our arm and move your head back and forth.
- you give sloppy kisses
- favorite foods: spaghetti and it must have lots of sauce, macaroni and cheese, and avacados
can you guess which one this is?

- changing you is now a wrestling match

This was you on 9/8 last year. I was 29 weeks pregnant.
 you today. so much time has past. love you more than ever!

Love you my ever-changing boy and I am so thankful I am home with you.

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