Friday, September 10, 2010

Gonna be a big star

 May Day,

Today Mommy got an awesome call. You are one of the babies in the running to be in a major motion picture, Change-Up, coming out in 2012. Gram and I took you to the studio today and you played with a spoon while a man video taped you and a lady took stills. You had a good time then we met A.K. at Atlantic Station for lunch. It went so fast I didn't have time for pictures! This opportunity resulted from a casting Daddy took you to last week.

I love your agency and that they cast not only for products but movies too. Cross your fingers we are called. I know it would be a great opportunity for you since you LOVE people and being the star of the show. You have the biggest, deep blue eyes and lots (growth spurt last night) of coarse, long blonde hair. Numerous people compliment you on your long eyelashes. One even said they, "look like stars." Inside and out baby boy, inside and out.

While at Atlantic Station, the four of us went to Old Navy.
someone loves himself...
We ended the day with the Spinner clan trying to help rid you of your pompomophobia
You actually played with the handle part (big move for you) but when the streamer part of it touched you and it moved (by you), you had a panic attack. You start to shake and shake your head no. It is very sad. Maybe next time, Porky Pig...

The Mom

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