Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sample Schedule

Porky Pig,

At a little over 10 months, this is what your smedule looks like most days...

7:30 - wake up
8:00 - breakfast: oatmeal or rice cereal and 4 oz. fruit followed by a 4 oz. bottle
10:30 - nap (usually the longest at 1.5 hours)
12:00 - 6 oz. bottle
2:00ish - nap
3:00 - lunch: a 4 oz. veggie jar, a 4 oz. fruit jar, and a sippy with water
4:30-5:00 - nap numero tres
6:15-6:30 - dinner: varies but always with a sippy of water
9:00 - 6 oz. bottle
9:30 - nigh night mae mae

As far as dinner goes, here are some things you haven eaten:
1 6-8 oz. jar of protein (turkey, beef, or chicken)
avocado and mac and cheese
meatloaf (you LOVED this), green beans, and mac and cheese
swedish meatballs
many other foods I can't think of but you HAVE to be eating when we are or you freak out

Took these of you Thursday
Peace out little homie,

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