Thursday, October 21, 2010

101 letters


Aren't you impressed? Anyway, Daddy and I agree to raise you eating a healthy, organic, and all-natural diet. No real problems yet, except for you parents. We eat like crap! We are slowly transitioning to a better lifestyle so you can have a good example. On that note, yesterday, we took you to McDonalds for lunch today. Of course you don't eat it but I knew you would enjoy the play place and M & D had to eat (ok we craved double cheeseburgers). I sat you near the foot of the entrance of the plastic tunnels and you crawled up and in and Daddy had to chase you to get out 30 minutes later. You made friends with a 3 year old (I know, she wasn't 4!) and you grabbed onto a five year olds sweater and made him yell for his mom! 

You have been leaning your head side to side. It is so cute! Hopefully I'll get a picture of that soon.

Love you, 

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