Thursday, October 21, 2010

Proud Mommy


Words cannot express how proud I am of you this evening! You have begun walking. For months, you have held onto hands, then fingers, then 1-5 steps here and there. Now you are letting go of objects and walking. Of course, you have to been walking toward something (M or D, vacuum, futon, table, etc) but it is amazing to see you face light up. We set you up and you used to take a few steps. Now it seems like you want to run! I keep telling you to stand firmly before you start walking but you are just too excited. Practice makes perfect and we can see that you are beginning to learn that. We took some great videos tonight. You got so excited at times, you would close your eyes and make your cheesy face when you were walking. I think 7 steps is your maximum but that is only because the object of your affection was only that far away. Let's see if you wake up and remember all that you accomplished today!

Here are the videos we took when D got home. I took 4 before he even got there!

You have also kicked up your vocabulary. I mentioned in the last letter two words that I picked out of all the rambling you do. Well today, you sounded like you were one of the men guarding the wicked witch's castle. "Oh we oh we" in your high pitched toddler voice (it actually sounds different). There are times when I think I have had it with you (diaper changes to be exact) but when I hear your sweet babbling, I can't help but smile. Don't fret, I got audio and video so you can hear it for yourself :)

Love you Booger Bean,

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  1. You guys are so cute! lol. Go Mason!! Its definitely a further fall :)