Wednesday, October 27, 2010



A few days ago, you were on the BRAT diet. 7 runny poops in 24 hours! By the time you had banannas for every meal in 48 hours, you started throwing them on the floor (you throw any finger food on the floor when you are done with it, especially if Pooze is around). Yesterday, you fed Pooze (i.e. Sicily, G and P's dog you call "Dog") and got excited about it. Then you tried to share your paci with her. Goof ball. Anyway, thankfully the BRAT diet worked. Sadly, there is no diet for a runny nose and cough. Saline drops, aspirator, and lots of wiping at the Turner house. Hopefully it will get better for you (and me...thanks Mas) by Saturday. I had hoped it was because it looks like the tooth to the left of your left front tooth is coming in but once I got it, I am assuming it's a cold.
You had the privilege of meeting your Great Aunt Di Di and Uncle Bob this weekend. The drove down from New Jersey and were dying to see you. You are very blessed to have all of Daddy's family in the same town as us. You have met everyone on his side. My Aunt Di and Uncle Bob are great people and they really enjoyed spending time with you. They gave you an early birthday present that you Pop plays with more than you (they gave you those cool cardboard blocks!). Hopefully I can bring them to our house soon (like I said, Pop loves them).
New words have been added to your vocab: "ew," "dooey," and "dodie do." "Ew" is compliments of your Grandmother Mimi. You say it ALL THE TIME, even more so when there is a pom-pom around. 
We went to Summer's first birthday party on Saturday and had a blast. You were into everything and showing off your new moves. 

You are doing great learning how to stand from the baby squat position. Today you have already done it twice! You are making your cheese smile face more now too. You make them too fast to take a picture (boooo). THe "o" face seems too make it's debut when you are excited or curious and excited (like touching or seeing something for the first time). You also started sticking your tongue out again. You love to play with my phone but only if I turn on the music. Yesterday, you repeatedly put the phone up to your ear! So cute!
We are all so pumped about your party Saturday. I can't believe your first birthday party is here already!
Post pictures when I get the camera back.


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