Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mason Wallbanger


I took you to a Kindermusik class yesterday and you showed off your skills. The teacher and one of the mom's noted how good a dancer you are. You listened to the music then "bobbed." So cute. You fell in love with a 17 month old girl and kept trying to attack her.

You are sleeping through the night!

Yesterday, you said, "more" three times at breakfast. Guess no signs needed. You have started playing peek-a-boo. You stand up then cruise to a place you think I (or Daddy) can't see you. We say, "where's Mason?" and you walk to a place we can see you and smile. We say, "peek-a-boo" and you crack up. You are laughing hysterically though when we say it and then we grab you and tickle you.

You tried pizza for the first time on Tuesday. LOVED it!

You have done this for probably 2 months now I think I have neglected to mention it. You are a head banger. You will be sitting with your bak to a wall and you will knock your head into it. Then you continue knocking your head into it. Yesterday you even put your hand on your head because it hurt. Still do it anyway. You know, insanity is doing something repeatedly and expecting a different result....


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