Monday, October 11, 2010

Just another pumpkin in the pumpkin patch


Mommy and Grandma LOVE fall and we have to do as many things fall related as possible. Yesterday, the Spinners and I took you to the apple festival in Elijay. The festival was super hot so we didn't stay long but you became an apple cider addict at Mercier orchards! You kept yelling at me to give you more. Needless to say, we need some more work on the more sign.

Today, Gram and I took you to a pumpkin patch right outside of their neighborhood. You had a ball. The minute I sat you down, you made your excited, weird smile and were totally into it. 

The owners gave you your very own fun-size pumpkin.

In other news, yesterday you took 4 steps toward a small table and 5 steps toward a stool. The past 3 nights have been great. You have only woken up crying once and stopped within 5 minutes. You have been able to do "sooo big" for probably 2 weeks now and you are just lazy enough that you only lift one arm. You have started making the cheesy smile. You close/squint your eyes and smile. You are so silly! Hard to believe this was you last year...

Love you,


  1. I love his pumpkin shirt. Where did you that? Our son is named Mason also!

  2. I found a women on craigslist actually. Really cheap too!