Thursday, November 4, 2010

Baby you are the world


You are my world and the light of my life. I feel so blessed to have spent so much time with you. Out of necessity, I will be heading back to work when we return from California. A.J. was able to hire me at Whole Foods (I am so thankful). It is a double edged sword for sure. I get to hang out with my best friend at work, but I will be away from you four days a week. Thankfully, I like getting up early so if I work the morning shifts normally, I'll only be away from you about 24 hours.
Anyway, every Tuesday, we leave you from 7:30-8:30 with the Spinner family. This week was particularly funny. Apparently Pop put you near the shelving at their house and you walked clear across the room to get to Grandma. Then when Grandma got you to our house, you confirmed what I already told her, you can crank the Weebles treehouse. 
There are a couple other things I think I have neglected to mention in my previous letters. You have become shy around strangers. Remember how I said you sometimes lean your head? Well, when a stranger comes up to us (especially when we voted on Tuesday), you lean your head on my shoulder. Of course you are smiling and I imagine if someone put their hands out, you would go to them but it is so cute. You are a lot like A.K. I think you resemble her when she was a baby. You sleep with lovies just like she did does and you like to rub it with the tips of your fingers like she does. Since you started crawling, you have been able to go up stairs. Both us and the Spinners now have gate at the top and bottom because you climb fast. Speaking of, you are a climber. You lift up your leg any chance you can climb on something.
Haven and Mrs. Lisa popped in yesterday (so did Memaw). It is weird seeing you both walking. You are walking about 85% of the time and about 60% of that is unassisted! You walked almost everywhere today. It is impossible to count steps. From room to room, you were just unassisted walkin' around!
We made your car seat forward facing. You are totally diggin' it!

Love you,

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