Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WIC Adventures


Today at WIC you played with a 21 month old boy and it was so funny because you could barely see the age difference. You walked across the room just to try to steal his sippy cup. He kept hugging you and one time you fell and hit your head. Two minutes later you were back at it again. Here were your stats from the WIC office:

19 pounds 15 ounces
27 1/4 inches long
Iron = 13.6 (really good)

As for percentiles, the nutritionist gave us your actual (birthday Nov. 8) and adjusted (birthday Nov. 23)
Actual - < 5%
Adjusted - 5%

Actual - 15%
Adjusted - 20%

Since you were born approximately 3 weeks early, the adjusted is more accurate. Even still, you are short and thin for your age and weigh a little more than babies with the same height.

A little boy about 3 had his iron checked right before you and screamed holy hell. Obviously that made me nervous as to what your reaction would be. While the lady was getting things prepped, you started playing with cotton balls and a tube of something (idk what is was but nothing hazardous lol). The lady kept saying how busy and active you were. I just nodded. She then took off your sock and pricked your foot. You didn't notice at all and once she put the Band-aid on, you just wanted to play with it. What a big boy!


P.S. Never be ashamed, be humble. Thank God for resources able to help other families in our situation but more importantly, those in much worse.

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