Friday, December 10, 2010

Lady Killer


We have been all over the place lately! You know how much I hate when I can't write to you. Honestly, it has been killing me! Alright, guess I'll get started. As you can see from a previous letter, on December 1st, we went to see the Santa at Phipps (a right of passage in the Atlanta mommy world). You were so cute because you jut kept looking at him, then looking at us with a blank stare (we imagined you are thinking, "and why am I with this guy again?"). After eating Moes, we headed to Lenox to ride the Pink Pig (another right of passage). Since Daddy was with us, I wanted to start the tradition of the two of you riding. Daddy said you were in awe! It was so weird watching you sitting next to Daddy riding a ride. Right before we went on the ride, we let you dance on this interactive floor at the mall. After our little adventure in the freezing cold, we went to eat at La Pa with AJ and Wyatt.

Since then, we have had another play date with AJ and Wyatt. 

The pajamas are no coincidence. AJ and I bought them with every intention of these photos! Anyway, we played N'sync's Christmas album (AJ and I's FAVORITE) and you both we dancing. It was hilarious!

You have started talking and babbling even more than before (which I didn't think was possible)! Grandma says I used to talk a lot but no where near as much as you. Instead of "ow", you say "owie" when something hurts. You are babbling B, O, M, and D words like crazy. You walk around talking, put yourself to sleep talking, and play and babble the whole time. You have a new laugh. You have only laughed like that the one time but it was adorable. Such a big boy laugh. I thankfully got it on video (it won't upload but you have to watch it)! You can also say, "baby."

Your dancing has been moved onto a whole new level. You dance to EVERYTHING! Music predominately (obviously) but you will even start dancing to to dryer! You play the piano and dance too. You dancing is now a stand and squat and sometimes moving your arms really fast up and down (I call it DJ Scribble).
You are continuing the cheese face but you have 2 new faces, the bully face (mommy's signature) and the crinkle nose (yet another mommy original). Neither are used all the time but I LOVE them because they are SO me! Speaking of your face, no lie, 4 times two days ago, random people walked up to me and said, "what a beautiful baby. He is going to be somethin' with the ladies." One lady stands out to me. As we were walking into Publix, she says, "Oh my that is the most beautiful baby. Look at her eyes! It's a girl right?" I pull off your hat and she still looks puzzled. I reply, "nope, he's a boy. He gets it all the time though." "No boy has that long of eyelashes and such beautiful eyes! He is going to be a lady killer. Tell his Daddy that he has the most beautiful baby. He is going to be the next movie star." I chuckle and say thank you. 
You had a casting shoot this week and three days later, I got a text from Stacy that you are booked for the 15th of this month. I knew you would get something right away. I was a little apprehensive about the casting shoot since you haven't been since you have been walking. Yet again, I had nothing to fear because you just sat there, played with the toy and smiled like crazy for Ms. Stacy and the camera. I won't be able to go to the shoot but AK and Grandma and very excited to take you.
You continue to be obsessed with a few things. Baby Einstein. Oh my goodness. For 30 minutes, do NOT distract you! Your favorite part is when the blue monkey jiggles around. You either giggle or jiggle when it comes on. You love peek a boo, opening and closing things, climbing the stairs, climbing into small places, being chased, and dumping out toys and emptying cabinets. 
We had your ear re-check appointment yesterday. All clear! You weighed 21 12 with clothes on. You also had your MMRV, PCV, and Hep. A shots yesterday. You always amaze me with how well you take pain. Obviously, you cried while getting the shots but right after, I gave you a sippy of milk and after you chugged it, it was like nothing happened. As of 24 hours out, no reaction or fever. You slept terrible last night but it could just be your darn nose! Don't get me wrong, I love your cute nose but a few days ago, you woke up with a blood-crusted nose and stains in your bed. It even bled a little later in the morning. We turned on the humidifier and the following morning, you had one again. The nurse practitioner said to put Vaseline on your septum so we tried it last night and no blood but Daddy got up once and I got up twice to you screaming (we went in and soothed ya back to sleep). 
Two days ago, we had a family photo shoot. It was your 13 month birthday and we were overdue for some great pictures of the three of us. Last year, same day and time we had family pictures done. It was 34 degrees outside and you weren't the happiest camper (I hate cold too so we were in the same boat) but Brittany I know got some good shots just like Mandi did last year.

You clap when I say, "yeah." Your favorite song that I sing to you is "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and you always clap when I am done singing (one of the cutest things you do). 
Diaper changes have gotten MUCH better. I think it took 3 days for you to get that we weren't playing around anymore. You are so freakin' cute when we say "hi" or "bye" somewhere. No one even asks you to do it. I say "bye to Grandma or someone and you just wave (think I mentioned this already but whatev).
Alright, so I think that's it. Ya, a long one but backed full of love and fun!

Love you Peanutty Buddy,

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