Monday, December 20, 2010

Most wonderful time of the year?


It is hard to put into words what you have been through the past week. I know what I have been threw so I can't even imagine how you feel. It started with two days of fussiness. You wanted the opposite of everything you thought you wanted and you were just plain whiny. On the third day, we found out why. 
While I was at work, Grandma and A.K. took you to a shoot for a kiddie MP3 player (do those still even exist now?). 

You are always such a ham so when Gram put you down, she was shocked. You starting crying (w/ tears) saying, "OWIE!" Then when asked to dance (which you LOVE), you ran to A.K. When I got home from work around 8:30, we took your temperature. Almost 103° . Not knowing the medicine dosage, I phoned the on-call and frantically awaited the call back. The following morning, we took you to the doctor. Obviously lethargic, the doctor was concerned but said just keep up with what we were doing. 
Not sure if you know this about me yet but it is hard for me to receive open-ended answers. I knew you weren't ok. The day continued with a pattern of fever and medicine and then another night of sleeping with Mommy Daddy (on my chest). That night, we awoke in the middle of the night to the sweatiest little dude. Daddy said, "I think his fever broke! He will feel much better." And you did. Kind of. No more fever and after a 2 hour nap (a first in Mae Mae history), you seemed well enough to stop my the Currys to see a few of your buddies (Ben, Raegan, Emily, Kannon, and Grayson). 
The next morning (Sunday), you woke up in the largest pool of blood yet. I forgot the Vaseline on your septum (just like I did tonight, pray that you are ok tonight!). After a shower, I noticed red bumps on your belly. We assumed it was a heat rash but we were taken back when we noticed it was spreading...everywhere. By the evening, it was (and still is) on your belly, back (the worst), legs, arms, face, and a heavy accumulation behind your ears. Because you are in great spirits, we went to Grandma's to celebrate Christmas with the Plummer family. Here are some pictures some this year and last year.


Where did we end up this morning? You guessed it. Since you had the rash and you were tugging at your ears, I wasted no time this morning getting you an appointment. No ear infection, you are itching the awful rash which after speaking to two doctors at our office AND making an appointment at a different one for the third opinion, cannot be treated. It is either Roseola or a virus. Both are the cause of the rash and fevers. It could take a week for the rash to clear up and that makes me SO sad. Other than the scratching behind your ears (Benadryl lotion totally helps), you have no clue you have a rash, but it looks terrible. Like straight up measles. I gave you an oatmeal bath to make myself feel better (lol). 
You are still my goofy little dude just with more whininess. Cheesin' it up more than ever!

In other news,
- your average weight from the appointments this week is 21 5
- you say, "uh oh," "Mommy" very clearly now. Oh and you bark. 
- when the neighbors dog barks, you stop, look at me, and say either, "d," "da," or "dog."
- you put the phone up to your ear and said, "hi Da Da" twice
- you grab the remote and point it to the TV
- you can "brush" your hair (you kinda just put it toward the back of your head)
- point. Ok well not exactly. You just put your arm out (lol). 
- share. You grab something, put your arm WAY up next to your cheek, and will and me stuff. I always say thank you.
- walk backwards and sideways. Pretty funny. 

Sleep well, Angel, 

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