Saturday, January 29, 2011

Birthday Bonanza

Porky Pig,

Yesterday was Grandma's (Bammaw as I like to call her lately) birthday!

It is also your Grandaddy's birthday (Dad's dad). Pretty cool! We celebrated by shopping (bought my dress for Ry Ry's wedding) and dinner with the Spinner's.

You will not look at or be still for the camera and our focus isn't the best but hey, you can still see you cuteness. At dinner you were in rare form showing off a skill I imagine Wyatt taught you...screaming. You wouldn't eat ravioli and kept screaming. It really didn't subside today either. Let's hope it's a short phase!
Before yesterday's bonanza, we attended a music class with Haven and some new friends Emerson, Sutton, and Reed. You refused breakfast so I imagine that is why you weren't too into the singing and dancing (because normally you would have eaten it up!). After a snack, you were ready to rock and roll with Emerson. She is a feisty 3 year old and you adored her. You kept knocking down her mega block towers and she'd get mad, you'd get mad, and Mrs. Jordan (Emerson and Sutton's mommy) would laugh. I hope we can have more play dates with them! Funny story. Mrs. Lisa and Haven came into the room you were playing in the a banana (your favorite food). Lisa asked Haven if he wanted some of it and he singed the word banana. When Lisa said, "he just signed banana" you turned around and said," banana." Of course it was in your own words ("bana") but it cracked me up!
Speaking of getting mad, you can get really angry sometimes. I know where have no idea where you go it from...You especially take it out on me. It's like you snap, grab my hair, and almost growl. You pull hard. And when you stop, you hit. Now that I don't know where you learned. Again, we are hoping with sentences soon to come, we can eliminate this phase soon!
Today after work, we headed out with the Spinner clan to Atlantic Station. The weather was 72 degrees with a light breeze. Perfect for outdoor play time!

This one is funny. The little girl was actually being chased by her dad. Little did she know...

Hopefully we can see Grandaddy this week and wish him a very happy belated birthday! 

Another funny story. On Wednesday, Grandma took you to Publix. When relaying this story to me, she made note of how many elderly people were in the store (she obviously didn't realize Wednesday is senior day) and how much they LOVED you. She said so many people kept coming up to her complimenting you. One in particular came up and the elderly woman said, "he is so beauttiful." Gram replied with a thanks and right after the lady said, "I want to give him this" and handed you 50 cents! That is where your lucky 50 came from (assuming you still have it!). 

We can now add, "pop pop" to the list of words you say. You really love your Pop! I was reading back on this time last year and the letter is entitled, poopy. Cracked me up because yesterday, you had an explosive poopy that went all over the place on the exact same day as last year....

Love you, 

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