Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just Us

see how long it is?

Mullet Man,

I am trying to convince Daddy to let me take you to your get your first haircut because the back is seriously getting long. I guess I too am still debating as it is a big step! Anyway, we haven't been too busy lately. Just the usual, playing, napping, errand running. Dad and I managed to snap some pictures of ya today. It is SO hard to get you to 1. stop for a picture 2. look at the camera. We love your energy and wish you'd pass some on to us. Thankfully you are sleeping great now so I know that is what it's from!

can't catch me

paparazzi please stop!
they find me everywhere. geezz...
 We treasure our family time in the playroom each night before bed. The three of us have a great time! Last week, we each were dancing playing instruments.

Sleep well my angel,

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