Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's a girl!


Turns out, I did give birth to your twin after all. Masonét
You looked quite cute in Grandma's fuzzy socks and A.K.'s hair bow. You are quite the little boy though.

You eventually fall, smile (sometimes giggle), and get right back on. Today you turned the big 1-4 months! It seems you get smarter each day (it's scary). Not sure if I have mentioned it before but you understand the words breakfast and hat. You can put hats on your head or touch your head when I say hat and every morning after your diaper change, I let you play for a minute. Then I'll say the words breakfast and you stop what you are doing and either walk to me with your hands up or walk to the gate. 
You are finally starting to sleep better and are back to two one hour naps (the one one hour was killing you (and me)). 
You have throughly enjoyed being around Great Grammy and Pop the past few weeks. Great Grandma chases you around to make sure you don't hurt yourself (which is all the time) and stay clean and sanitized and when you get into something you aren't supposed to (again, all the time) she says, "ahh ahh ahh" and of course, you say it now too.
You greatly enjoy Ms. Poozley too. You love to lay on her, sit on her, pet her (all we used to say was, "gentle" and now we don't even have to. she is your buddy (most of the time)), and chase her while barking.

Love you,

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