Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Being a parent...


It seems we have hit the terrible terrific twos sooner than expected. Not sure if I am diggin' it. This afternoon and evening were exceptions but lately, I am just going to say it, you've been a spoiled brat. From not sleeping well (up at 6:00 and in bed with us), to constantly wanting to be held, always whining, it was driving me nuts. I have tried to enjoy all of our time together but I just want to make some Oreo balls! At Grandma and Pop's house you have learned to turn the TV on and off. Just like with the toilet, no matter how many times any of us say, "no" you don't care and will keep at it! Being a parent is tough! It is hard to follow through, hard to say, "no," and hard not to just freakin' laugh.

 Like I said, today, however, we had a great day and throughly enjoyed playing together. We met Wyatt and A.J. at the fabulous Monkey Joes (where Wyatt humped a play mat) then ate lunch at Chicky Lay. After an hour nap, then another hour nap on Mommy, we headed to the animal shelter. We met a beautiful lab who loved following you around. Since then we have been playing like you wouldn't believe. I am not going to lie, you play hard. The other day while in Great Grammy and Pop's room, you would stand on the bed (new favorite thing), plop on your booty, then fall backwards. 
Favorite toys
- Melissa and Doug maracas

- Ride-on horse

- Lookout Treehouse (you prefer to go up the slide and even though I haven't caught you on camera, can actually climb the steps)
- My Pal, Scout (you carry him around and dance when he sings)
- Vtech 3-in-1 Smart Wheels (like to sit and stand on it)
- Shape sorter (this amazes me. I feel like you are really learning when we play with it)
You are doing so much at almost 14 months, I can't wait 3 days for the update. Some I know I have mentioned but they deserve mention again!
- you stomp. it's adorable. you do it to step on something or when you dance
- you can walk up the stairs if I hold your hands (big ol' steps too)
- you point to the tv and say, "mooney" and today you turned on the DVD player
- me: "what does a dog say?"
  mason: "huff huff" you basically take loud, short breaths
- you know where your tummy is and hair (which is getting super long in the back...). not sure what we will learn next
- you ate broccoli and cheese for the first time tonight and liked it!
- your 6-9 month clothes are finally getting too short!
- you can "brush" your hair and talk on the phone. basically you just put them behind your head but it's cute!
- you LOVE, I mean LOVE brushing your teeth (all 7 of them). I bought you a big boy tooth brush and after I brush them, I hand it over to you and when you eventually (10 minutes later) drop it, I have to hide it so we don't fight
- if you could be anywhere in the world, you would be asleep on my chest
- runny nose and drool is leading Daddy and I to believe there is another tooth on the way but there is NO way we can get you to open your mouth

Well, it is super late (10:30!) and I am hitting the sack. Hopefully you will sleep through the night!

Love you,

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