Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Too much fun

Boo Boo,

We have had so much fun the past few days. From playing outside, to Mommy and Mason cuddle fest 2011 on the couch two days in a row, we just couldn't be happier. Since you love being outside and like Daddy, we figured we'd put you to work!

last year on Feb. 20th

Today you had a shoot for 4 toys by Bright Start. You looked adorable and were pretty defiant (stiffening up combined with flimsy limb....scary for Mommy on set), but Grandma said they got a few great shots. All that matters! 
like my foot in the shot? thank God for cropping
this is the casting sheet along with all the info for the day. so organized!

you aren't modeling the ice cream cone. they are going to photoshop in the bee ball in the picture above.
you did some pictures without your "sister" too

Leaving you with a video from"batting practice."

In the semi-potty training news, you peed in the potty this morning. This evening you went into the bathroom and tapped on the seat. Since I too am new at this I just kind of moved you to the side. Then you squat down and pee in your diaper. Sorry buddy. Sometimes I forget how smart you are!


p.s. I am seriously diggin' when the two of us sit on the couch and you look at me then lay your head on my shoulder and it just keeps repeating. Then we giggle and give love. Ahh! Love you!

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