Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Fever


I am not going to lie, I have had my doubts about medical professionals over diagnosing and prescribing medications for conditions that they aren't even sure the child has. When Diane told me you had the flu and a sinus infection and prescribed all that medicine and pain reliever, I was very skeptical. I was proved wrong. Just a few days in you have no fever and are back to Mason. No runny nose or anything. Praise God. 
Since you have been feeling so good we have been able to take advantage of the amazing weather we have had. I had a friend cut down almost all of the trees in the backyard and I moved your treehouse and house onto the porch and we have been out back ever since. The other night you just stood by the door. You LOVED it. Needless to say we are so ready for spring!
In other news, you have starting using the potty. I know, crazy! Yesterday morning, Daddy got up with you and let me sleep in. I heard you two come upstairs and Daddy turn on the shower. Then Daddy yelled, " YOU WENT PEE PEE ON THE POTTY!" I shot out of bed and joined in the celebration. Daddy said he figured he'd set you on the potty and patronize my practice. Within a few seconds, it happened! Fast forward to yesterday evening. Daddy took you home from dinner and after he changed your diaper he said he could tell you had to go potty. He asked you then sat you on the potty and you went instantly. Crazy! By no means are we full-on potty training but we are so excited that you seem to be interested in the idea.
Yesterday I took you to the mall. They have a kid play area and of course, you had a good time. All of the children were older and you really just barked at them and giggled and followed them around. While we were there, I asked you if you wanted a cracker. You said loud and clear, "cracka." Alright, you get a cracker. Later I handed you your sippy cup and I could see it was getting in the way of your playing. You walked over to me, smiled, and said, "ho dis." Sure buddy, I'll hold your cup.

Love you,

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