Monday, February 14, 2011


My little Peanut,
Happy Hallmark Holiday! 4 lllooonnnggg years ago (lol), this was Daddy and I's first holiday and since we were just friends, a simple Happy Hallmark Holiday text was suffice. Still today we don't make a big deal out of it. Of course before Grandma left on vacation, she made a big deal out of it baking you a mini heart cake with conversation hearts, giving you a stuffed monkey complete with fuzzy heart, and she along with Great Grandma, got you a card. I just like the excuse to dress you in my version of a pirate valentine. 

first time exploring the yard
yummy dirt

lots of hair!
moved the water table outside and obviously, it went over quite well
The weather is a PERFECT 63 and you know we played outside and had fun. Before though we went to a free trial class at the Little Gym. You had a great time dancing, running, walking on the balance beam (you did really well), and playing on all of the other awesome mats. Too bad it is so expensive or we would be there every week!
Yesterday we headed to Stride Rite to purchase your second pair of shoes. You measured a size 4.5 wide so we bought a size 5. They are big boy running shoes with traction. Hope they are ready for all your action!
On Friday, you started not only shaking your head no but saying it along with it. You use the motion/word combo correctly 75% of the time. The other 25% is times when I ask you if you want something and you say no then continue to haggle for it. Since we are trying to teach you how to really use the word, we are withholding until you say more or yeah (which you inevitably to a minute later).  You are also started using more again and have started saying all done (when I ask if you are all done because you are throwing your food on the floor).
Happy Valentine's Day Booger!

Love you,

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