Saturday, February 19, 2011

God Bless this Mess


Mommy is so thankfully that even though you are sick frequently, you are a healthy little boy and recover quickly. This past week after a cranky park date with Haven and Wyatt, the doctor announced you have the flu AND a sinus infection.

Runny nose - 2 weeks (assumed teething...wrong)
Diaper rash - 2 days (teething. went away. came back a little because of antibiotics)
High fever - 2 days
Dry heaving - 2 days (morning of appointment and morning after)
Cough - 4 days (not horrible just from all the drainage)
Loss of appetite - 5 days (beginning 2 days before the appointment, you wouldn't eat anything. maybe a cookie, banana, or cheese. maybe.

Back to the park, we knew something was up. The two of us had a picnic before Haven and Wyatt arrived and I bought Chick-fil-a for us. You ate a total of 1 strawberry. That was it. You had fun but were extremely whiny and didn't like the slide (healthy Mason LOVES the slide).

impossible to get a picture with a 3 of you looking

your first kiss. and I didn't even get her name
You are on Omniceft once a day for in infection, Tamiflu for the flu (duh), and Ms. Diane gave you a new, stronger prescription for your eczema since the other didn't do much. Until today, you were on a strict 3 hour regimen of Tylenol and Ibuprofen. If we let it go even 30 minutes longer, you could feel your temperature rise. 
At the doctor, you were the saddest I have even seen you (no lie). You kept curling up on Grandma and I not wanting anything but to cuddle in a ball (total fetal position). You even fell asleep in the middle of the appointment.
You weighed exactly 22 lbs. You are feeling much better and I hope it continues. Your 15 month appointment is soon. Please pray you have no reaction to the shot. I don't know if you or I can handle more illness right now.

Love you, Mommy

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