Wednesday, March 2, 2011

15 1/2 month well check


1 shot (didn't even make a face. area got red but no reaction)

22 pounds 4 ounces - 25th percentile

46 cm head - 25th percentile

29 1/4 inches long - 10th percentile

I think you got cuter today.

Daddy is teaching you how to play baseball as I write this. You are so smart. He says, "go get your bat" and you get it and you are loving carrying around the bat and ball. 
We are working on rolling the ball too. You can throw, not too far, and you liked throwing the ball to Jack (Drew and Monique's dog).
The other day we shared some delicious girl scout cookies.

happy dance! rockin' his awesome new sandals (thanks Grandma)!
Yesterday we played at a really fun park with A.J. and Wyatt. 

climbed all the way to the top

A.J. and I wold love to think you are best friends but to be honest, you don't care much for each other (or you just enjoy bullying him). You were sharing Cheerios and you wanted the one he took so you stuck your hand in his mouth. You still have a nice size bite. Then you got so mad about the whole ordeal that you started grumbling loud then grabbed Wyatt and pushed him down. He is the only baby you bully and we have no idea why.
Another comment about how smart you are. Today a lady was walking by while we were outside playing. She smiled at you and you said, "hi." She said hi back and continued walking. A few seconds later she asked me how old you were. I replied, "almost 16 months." She replied, "and he just said hi to me? that's good." Yeah, we know. I pointed and asked you just a minute ago when you were looking at your parking garage toy funny to go get your cars. Without hesitation you turn, spot the cars and grab them and bring them over. Speaking of cars, you love to push them all around. As I watch you play, I am reminded of a funny thing I passed down to you. When I am concentrating or in the zone, I make goofy faces or stick my tongue out. You either have a small part of your tongue ot or you tuck your top lip.
You are a love machine lately. I ask for a kiss and I get a big open mouth! You only do it for me (sometimes A.K. or Grandma) and I LOVE them!
There is so much more I could brag on that it is hard to even think of all of the great things you are up to. I enjoy every minute I spend with you, even at 3 a.m.


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