Tuesday, March 8, 2011

16 months

My little Mason,

Happy 16 months, Buddy! You are changing every day, growing into a hysterical and active little boy. At your last check up Ms. Diane mentioned that between now and 2 your language will sky rocket. Since then I have really been paying attention to all you can say and understand and it truly amazes me. Grandma has always told me I was a talker and combined with your love for some good play time (from Daddy), you are little a little super dude!
You love to kick. Whether it is at swimming lessons, in the tub looking like the karate kid, or playing ball with Daddy and I, you can not only say "kick" but you do it well. Soccer Tots in in your future for the fall. Speaking of swimming lessons, today you went to your first swimming class at the local aquatic center! You and Grandma had a great time. She said you loved kicking and playing in the water and you didn't want to leave the pool! I am so excited I get to take you on Wednesday.
C has definitely been the letter of the month. This month you have started saying, "cookie", "cupcake," and you have mastered, "cracka (i.e. cracker)" and "cook." I love when you say c words because you say it like with a yiddish gargle! 
You have gotten much better at throwing in the past couple days. You have started using a fork and honestly, you knew exactly what to do with it and while we are for sure still in the messy stage, you are pretty darn good at it. As far as the potty goes, you go on it sporadically and for some reason, go potty 99% of the times Daddy puts you on it.
Today you spent your birthday with Daddy playing in the woods and spying on a family of deer. 

Today we also learned that Mommy is headed back to the classroom next week. While the opportunity came up very fast, Daddy, both of you Grandparents, and I believe it is the best option for our family right now. I know I will miss you tons but you know as well as I do that when we are together, we will make up for it times 10! Speaking of both sets of your Grandparents, I want you to call both of them right now and thank them for all they have done for you. Memaw, Granddaddy, Grandma, and you beloved Pop love you so much!

I love you,

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