Sunday, March 13, 2011



We have been quite busy lately. I am sorry I haven't written in a while. 
you have been mimicking even more than before

you have been dancing more with your arms and head. SO freakin' cute

we received a notice from another modeling agency who wants to meet with you next weekend!

when you hear the garage door, you pause then yell "daddy." you've been doing it for a while but tonight you were playing in your ball pit and you got so darn excited when you heard the garage door!

you have had a fever for 2 days now and you are on ibuprofen every 6 hours on the dot or it will come back. Grandma is taking you to the doctor tomorrow (other symptoms: runny nose, slight cough, and completely dead without medication).

You and Daddy (along with Uncle Todd and Grandaddy) have been working very hard on the backyard (I'll give myself some credit too!). Today we spent the entire day outside!
mom, I am trying to work
why does he get to ride the mower....?
sickness or teething? based on this face...teething
and it only took me 5 minutes!
jammin' out to the radio
I love you, Booger. I start work tomorrow and I know you will have a great time with Grandma!


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