Friday, May 13, 2011

18 months

I cannot believe it was almost a week ago that you turned a year and a half! 2 is just a short 6 months away. Blows my mind.

We bought your first pair of flip flops (your official inauguration into our flip flop wearin' family). I put them on and boy did the dimples shine! You LOVED them and you thought you were the coolest guy. Dadddy and I also bought you some Crocs for the summer (finally found your size (which is about a 4.5-5)).

I took you to bed a couple nights, turned off the light, and you kept saying, "tee tu tee tu." I said, "your welcome" because I thought you were saying thank you. We sat in the rocking chair and I started to sing the first song I always sing to you. Can you guess? Twinke Twinkle. You sung right along with me, "tee tu tee tu." You knew it was coming :)

You love to give hugs and even made up a sign for when you really want one (you hug yourself). I love when you give me the friend pat too. A few weeks ago, the three of us were sitting on the couch watching music videos and Thompson Square's Are you gonna kiss me or not came on. Sure enough, you leaned into me and gave me a big "um" and we started the serial kissing. You can't just kiss once, especially if there is someone else nearby. You go back and forth between the people and average about 3 kisses each!

Laundry. You going to start doing it on your own soon. I say something like, "time to do laundry" and put it on the floor. You grab it and put each piece through the bannister. If you forget an article, I'll remind you "one more" and you'll grab it and toss it down. Then when we get downstairs, I open the washer and you grab pieces (usually 2 or 3 at a time), walk toward the washer, and throw it into the "ardy." You love helping with any chore  (you love cooking) and have fabulous receptive language.

You saw a dog on TV and said, "dog go" and started barking. First sentence? Not sure but pretty awesome.

You are obsessed with airplanes and choo choos. An airplane will be flying over and you stop what you are doing and put your hand up and attempt to say something (airplane is a big word).

There is now a sign (made up by you of course) for hot. You not only say it but you put your hand up (like you are saying stop). You know how to blow and it cracks me up. Anytime we see something burning (candle, neighbor next door smoking, etc) you start seriously blowing. Sometimes you will do it even if you see a bright light. We are still working on blowing hot food.

You saw a waterfall a few days ago and holy cow, you were in "ardy" heaven! "Ardy" is everyones favorite word because you roll the r and you don't even attempt to say water.

You are very ready for your own car. You say it with a New York accent (unlike Memaw which is said straight southern) which makes it even better. Yesterday we saw an electric Escalade and climbed in a started driving with a grin ear to ear. A week or so ago Daddy and you drove his car from the driveway to the garage. That combined with a lawn mower ride. Heaven.

You hate leaving. When someone leaves or our car pulls away from Grandma or Memaw's house, you get so upset. Memaw watched you a week or so ago for a little while and you got so upset that I took you out of the car and let you play a little longer.

Last week you had a Baby Einstein Go See followed by a call back shoot the next day. Neither were actual jobs but you are now (like you are ever few months) on the up-to-date casting reel for Kids II. The three of us got to go to the shoot and we had fun (when the three of us are together, it's always fun).

Your schdule really hasn't changed. You wake up average 7:30-8:00, nap around 11:30-12:00, and go to bed around 8:30-9:00. I AM PROUD TO REPORT THAT YOU ARE CONSISTANTLY SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT.

Everything has been "upy" lately. You want to be wherever we are are actively engaging in it. Whether it is up on the couch watching TV or up in our arms while cooking.

A.K. and I took you for your 18 month pictures and well, we got nothing to show for it. You wouldn't sit to save your life. Tonight we got you to model an outfit Daddy wore when he was little.

Check this out for an up-to-date list of all your receptive and expressive vocabulary.

Mother's day was great. We chilled at home and watched HGTV and apparently you called Daddy at some point and he came home with flowers from you. The three of us went out to eat with Pop and A.K. for dinner then I went with them to pick up Grandma at the airport (I never miss a trip to the airport!).

Little A.K. turned 21 on Tuesday and we ate at Capos. I made a funfetti cake and you freakin' loved it! We made cupcakes for her party and now you are obsessed with "cupy c."

You say "num num" when you are hungry.

You are seriously silly. Your yiddish tone with jabbering, your silly dancing, you love of family hugs, the freakin' tomahawk chop. We laugh every day.

Today I forgot I left you diaperless and when it got quiet, I went looking for you. You were next to Gram and Pop's toilet, staring at your pee on the floor, and saying "poopy." I cannot wait to potty train you! You are so ready. A.K. came over sometime last week while you and Daddy had a yucky stomach bug. The whole day you had diarrhea and it was scaring you a little at the noise it made. We were sitting in the play room and you look at us, make a noisy poop, then look sweetly at us and the in most gentle voice said, "poopy."

You love adventure and are curious about everything.
your "lawn mo"


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