Sunday, May 1, 2011


Holy cow! We have just been having the time of our lives recently. Seriously, I have forgot to mention things and had hoped to write you sooner about others. You know me; let's jump right into it.

Check out say what? for all your new jargon. I was telling Ms. Lisa how crazy it is how much you can say. New things left and right. 

We figured out "ardy" means water. Here is how I gathered that. It is watey (which you also call water) with no w and an r in the middle. Go mom!

You wanted to play "ousi" the other day. I told you one minute, you said "shoe" and went and grabbed your shoes and walked to the chair. Now every time you want to go out with no shoes on I ask you to find your shoes and you find them and walk to the chair so I can put them on.

You aren't a fan of you pal Grayson yet. He came over a few days ago and you liked touching his hand at first. When he started playing with you toy, you just let him have it. Bully.

You love other people's stomach, belly button, and back. You will randomly lift up a person's shirt to find it and get mad if they won't let you.

Daddy and I took you to a Braves game 2 weekends ago. I watched about a half inning of the game but the two of us had a great time. This is going to sound really lame but when we climbed to the top of the play house in the Cartoon Network play area, you were more courageous going down the big slide. You also loved playing with the tomahawk. Had to buy you one. Speaking of baseball, you love sitting with Daddy at night watching the game. Even though you only did it once, you can do the tomahawk chop!

Imitation is your speciality. You LOVE to imitate sounds. When I was spraying furniture polish to dust, you imitated the sound it made. You do it with everything.

You can blow. While at Grandmas, I was straining noodles and when the smoke rose, you started blowing. I was burning a candle the other day and you looked at me and started blowing.

We are having issues with the word bubble. Since to you it means two different things (bubbles we make in water and actual sphere shaped bubbles), when we are blowing bubbles outside and I say, "bubble" you "kiss" the concrete.

I asked you for a kiss the other day and you looked at me and said, "no."

The Spinners, Daddy, and I took you to the circus this past week. Sadly, you couldn't ride a darn thing. We did however take you to see the show. Of course, the only part you liked was the elephant. You got upset when he disappeared behind the curtain but when the next act started and you could see the elephant in his pen, you just kept reaching, saying "ellla."

riding the choo choo
crazy Daddy and Pop on the spinning space ship
Bup has turned to beep (yeah!) and banana turned into booyah (hmm...). 

You slept over Memaw and Grandaddy's for the first time last night along with the three C.A.T.s and had a great time.  You even slept through the night.

Body parts you can identify: head, hair, teeth, tummy, belly button, ears, nose, and feet.

This morning I gave you your first bubble bath. It didn't take you long to give yourself a bubble beard.

You said your first curse word this week. Shit (literally and figuratively). I gots to watch my mouth :( 

I took you for your second haircut two days ago. You look like such a big boy!

Love you Porky,

Here are some pictures we found on Daddy's phone from the middle of April...

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