Thursday, May 5, 2011

Body Surfing


We have had the gate at the top of the stairs removed for a while and we have had no issues. You like to walk down the first three steps using the bannister but then you climb back up. Or you will crawl down backward. Either way is safe. Until today. I was putting away laundry and I heard a tumble. Not a tumble that I usually hear when you throw something down the stairs but a rolling tumble. I caught just the end of it and you were on your belly body surfing down the stairs! I snatched you up and you cried for a second then wanted to get down and play! 

This morning I took you to a Baby Einstein go see. That company is very familiar with you as you have modeled with them several times. They saw you and said, "oh Mason!" Then Ms. Stacey (she was there too!) told the other people (who we hadn't met) that you were on the approved list (guess that's a good thing). They watched you play for a second, saw the smile, commented on your fabulousness and we set up a time for you to attend the pre-shoot tomorrow afternoon. As usual, not sure specifically what it's for but that's part of the fun of it!

After our date at The Vineyard (the restaurant Mommy worked at) this afternoon, I took you to the doctor. You had a nose bleed at 2am a couple days ago and it was the straw the broke the camel's freakin' back! Diane said she couldn't see exactly the problem other than lots of snot way up your tiny nose so she told us to head to Dr. Vick (appt. for the 18th).

Happy birthday shout out to Pop! We love you so much! 


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