Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Out of Hand


I am so glad I found time to write. My lack of writing has gotten out of hand.

How potty training came and went...
We began our potty training expedition. It stopped as fast as it started. 
I have been saying for the past few weeks that while I am not ready, you seem to be ready to take the plunge. A few days ago, you told me three times that you needed to potty and you did (twice in diaper, once in potty) then told me you had to poopy and and ran to the potty and pushed (I love your little push noise) it all out. Yesterday, we bought another pack of training pants, another seat for the potty, and a travel potty seat in preparation. We began the 3-day model bare-bottomed at 6:30 am. Yeah, rough already. I read over and over that the first day is messy. Didn't start off too bad. You would start to go then finish on the potty. Then it got to the point that you went every 10 minutes. I refuse yeah refuse to put you on the potty every 10 minutes. You peed on the floor, carpet, and even the bathroom counter (brushing teeth). Again, I know messy and thankfully no poop! Straw that broke the camel's back. I sat you on the potty. I KNEW you had to go. You aren't patient at all so sitting for more than 3 minutes is your worst nightmare. So already fed up Mommy at 9:00 let you off only to see you pee on the floor 1 minute later. I chased you with Grandma on the phone so she could hear you laughing,  picked you up and you fought with me like never before not to sit on that darn potty. I gave in and you finished peeing on the floor and I put on your diaper.
We said we were still going to put you on the potty as much as we can though. Fat chance. You won't go anywhere near it now. You even squat and tell us. Stinker...

New obsessions...
dipping. We call you our Little Dipper. Daddy is the big dipper. Ketchup is your dip of choice (you dipped a strawberry in it the other day. it was followed by, "ew") but you love Chick-fil-a sauce too.

Bye. Obviously for months you have been able to wave and say bye but you have become obsessed with doing it when we are leaving anywhere. I love it. Sometimes you do it when I haven't even said anything about leaving. It's like you knew. 

Booty Rides. Ok so weird name. Not sure why we call it that but all it is is a piggy back ride. I guess you say that because we have to stick out our booty. At any rate, you ask for Dad and I for them all the time.

In other news...
sunburn. The day after Grandma and I took you to Lake Acworth, I noticed you had a little sunburn on your shoulder. Needless to say, when we went yesterday, you looked like a marshmallow.

Last week we had the Spinners over for BBQ and you loved helping Daddy and Pop. When I say help though, you didn't help barbecue, you helped make everyone laugh. Since our backyard is still a forest (come July 7th it won't!!), Dad and I don't let you leave the porch and you really don't have much desire to play in it anyway.......lets just say that night, you carried around a small tree, sat in charcoal and had more bug bites than I thin I have ever had (which is impressive since I am a mosquito magnet). 

Father's Day was Sunday and we had such a GREAT day. Breakfast with the Spinners, church with the Spinners AND Turners for Daddy's send-off service (he is headed to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip), lunch with the Turners, short nap, then dinner with the Spinners at our house. Gotta love a family day! If only we all went to the same church...

While your receptive and expressive vocabulary is growing, so is your nonsense vocabulary. Seriously....sometimes you say full sentences and look at us and all you get is an, "oh really?!" because we are SO confused. 

A.K., Grandma, and I took you last week to have some pictures made. After the disaster at Kiddie Kandids and month ago, I really had no faith we would get anything good. I was wrong. You hammed it up.

You now have little boy hair (not peach fuzz) on your legs and arms. A constant reminder you aren't a baby anymore.

In addition to Super Why! and Curious George, you love to watch Barney and dance to the songs (I did too!). When the "I love you" conclusion song rolls, you run to the TV and hug yourself :)

You still love to tickle and be tickled. I love to tickle so we are a perfect match!

Love you Porky Pig,

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