Friday, July 8, 2011

20 Months

our future preacher
Dear Mason,

Happy 20 month birthday. Only one day short of Mommy's big 2-5. I cannot believe we only have 4 months left until you turn 2. Like everyone says, seems like yesterday I was dreaming of having my blonde, blue eyes baby boy. Now, he's not even a baby.
At 20 months, you can say most of the letters in the alphabet and if we sing Who Let the Letters Out?, you can say most of the letter sounds. You have a song list on itunes and you love dancing! We have to move all the toys out of the way because you get so into it!
Check this out for a somewhat comprehensive list of your vocabulary (it's really hard to keep track).  You are one silly little boy who loves to sing (you make up songs, typically about yours truly), dance, gang up with Sicily, play instruments, dig in dirt, hit mommy and laugh, and best of all, give fabulous hugs. 
People are really seeing your personality in those new pictures we took last month. You had a casting last week and two this week (at the Kids II one, you kissed Ms. Stacey when she fixed your hair). Speaking of last week, we survived without Daddy for a whole week while he was in the Dominican Republic. We throughly enjoyed each other (and grandma's dinners!). Your great uncle past while he was gone but the silver lining came when we were able to meet Great Aunts Dodie and Bonnie, your Great Uncles Andy and Eddie, and a bunch of cousins and even second cousins. When Daddy came home, he let you play with his cool gadgets!

You love animals, throwing everything, testing patience (you say, "uuummm" before you do something you know you aren't supposed to), climbing (in church a couple weeks ago, I came to pick you up and you were standing on a chair banging on the door with a stick. when I said, "mason," she said, "thank you." lol), coloring, doing the laundry, watching TV (PBS or baseball) and movies (Elmo or Baby Einstein), and making us laugh.
For the 4th of July, we attended the 89th annual Turner family reunion in Cumming. We were so blessed that Daddy was able to have the day off (that was the reason we didn't go last year). A relative brought pictures of your great great great great great grandpa Berry Turner; that's 7 generations back! Again, you met many family members and got to visit the home Granny grew up in.
baby Mason in utero!

After a nap...
We went to the Marietta Square in hopes of corn dogs and fireworks. Not so much. It poured and we went out to eat then went home.
We spent part of your 1/4 birthday at the Dr. After being outside for only 10 minutes, just like your Mommy, you got eaten alive by mosquitos and one bite looked nasty! An antibiotic prescription cream later and all should be well soon. You weighed 24 pounds and 12 ounces fully clothed with shoes. No wonder my arms get sore!

Love you,

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  1. Cute photo. I am a mom of 2. I don't know about you but at about that age my oldest (now 4) started wanting more independence and with that flowed some fits and tantrums, especially at bedtime. We'd fight over brushing teeth and I dreaded the evening battles we had. I found something that helped though on this Mom's Guide ( It suggested some ways to make teeth brushing fun!