Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Leadership Potential


You have been blessed with consecutive Daddy day afternoons. Daddy was home to two full days and I know you enjoyed every minute. I know (trust me) you love me but sometimes I really think you need some Daddy time. Since it is consignment season, you two were on your own yesterday and a little today (I got you a magna doodle and a basketball hoop and Barney slippers (and other stuff you don't care about)). The stage Dad came out a little when he took you on a shoot yesterday.

At the very end, you needed to smile and you went into a passive aggressive temper tantrum. I get home and the house is a little messy but I can tell you two have had such a fun time singing and dancing and playing with balls and trucks!

In other news, you are singing CONSTANTLY!
"baby baby oohh"
"down down down" 
and a bunch more. You become more obsessed with JB as time goes on. If he isn't playing in the car, you will hear about it! Has to be the right volume too.

We had Summer and her mommy over a few days ago and you really showed off your sharing skills (she however not so much, made you cry twice). I was extremely proud of you!

Funny story. Ok...two.
I went upstairs, you followed me. I went downstairs. You wanted me with you. 
"Mommy ustirs" 
"No Mae Mae, Mommy stay down"
You have started saying please when you want something. "Paci peas"

When we went to art class at NMC, the coordinator had two pools laid out so you kids could splash in the water with the fish toys. All of you were fully clothed so the idea was to just have you splash.....Within 20 seconds, you were in the pool. Out of 15 kids obeying, you were standing in it. I ignored it just long enough to finish putting water in it then got you out....only to see you walk in the smaller pool. Great. A minute later, 15 kids are in and out of both pools; everyone fully drenched. One mom said, "Mason has real leadership potential." Nice way to put it...

Love you,

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