Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I love you


Daddy told me that the part of the brain that involves risk isn't fully developed until a man is 20. I wouldn't have believed it except for the trip we made the day before supports his theory...
Gammy (SHE HAS A NAME!) and I met at Costco and were checking out some bagels. DIRECTLY in front of you who was standing in the large part of the cart (yeah, I know). We both watch as you completely somersault over the side and land face up, head first unto the cement. THAT CAN NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. You only cried for about 5 minutes. Once I started singing Bieber, you laid your head on my shoulder. Gams and I had no idea what to do and the darn dr. wouldn't get back to us. You dosed off. Back in the day that was a huge no no. We freaked out and called the dr. again. They said to head straight to the ER. So I brought my wet 25 lb. noodle to the hospital. The minute we walked in, you perk up and say, "ion (there was a picture of a lion on the wall)." I knew you were fine at that point but wanted to be 100% sure. Gams and A.K. met us at Kennestone. Turns out it was JUST a mild concussion. NO BUMP, no nothing. Freakin' A son. Way to scare the bejesus out of me!

In other extremely happy news, you say I LOVE YOU now. Full on. You started what sounded like it a few days ago then the 2 nights ago at the Currys, you walked into the kitchen and said, "Daddy I love you." I left you with Gammy this morning (yup, back to work) and you waved bye and said love you. 

Here is a sneak peak of you in one of your Halloween costumes. You weren't too sure about it...

We also got to hang out with AJ and Wyatt (remember them?).
You still are loving making videos of yourself on the computer and on Daddy's iphone.

You also love to take picutres. You grab the camera and say, "cheese." Not to bad for a wee one.

Open house for your school is next Thursday. I am so excited. Mrs. Lisa even signed Haven up to be in the same class as you!

Check out say what? as I am revamping it a little since there is NO WAY to keep up with every new word or phrase. You are obsessed with, "hant" right now. You want to hold everyone's hand and take them everywhere.

You and A.K. are too silly.

Before I started filming this video, you were singing the song right on cue.

Love you, 

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