Thursday, August 11, 2011

I finally know how it feels


Going into my fourth year teaching, I felt like a veteran going into my school's meet and greet this morning. Parents of my past Kindergarteners and my new class of SNP kids always came in with a little apprehension and a lot of excitement. I acted like I knew what it felt like to have my little one go to school for the first time, but I had no clue. 
When Daddy and I signed you up for the 2 year old class at Mt. Calvary, we were and still are so thrilled. We know you will have great social experiences, burn off some of that energy, and learn a lot along the way. Tonight was your first meet and greet. Totally wasn't expecting my reaction. As we walk to your classroom, Daddy and I holding your hands, I couldn't help but feel that apprehension and excitement. My little man has grown up, and has a big boy cubby to prove it. 

I will for sure be as much a helicopter mom as I can and taking pictures of every little thing I get the chance to be a part of (and having Daddy take some too since he's the  "class dad"). 

I said, "say cheese" and you said, "ssshhh"

Ms. Stacy will have her hands full with 9 boys and 2 girls but you will have so much fun. I finally know how it feels to allow your child to grow up.

Love you little man,

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